Latela Art Gallery Presents Sarah Jamison #socialaesthetics

By Editorial Team on June 27, 2017

Sat, 01 July 2017 - Sat, 29 July 2017

Sarah Jamison, Disaster Girl, Colored Pencil, Gouache, and Marker on Board. Unframed 2.75×5 in., Framed 13×17 in. Courtesy of Latela Art Gallery.
Opens Saturday, July 1

Latela Art Gallery hosts the solo exhibition of local artist Sarah Jamison titled #socialaesthetics. The exhibition features a series of 22 works on paper, each inspired by the ever-presence of social media, pop culture and internet imagery. The exhibition aims to expose the near-constant cycle of being “obsessed” with a cultural object and the perpetual search for the new binge engagement, evidencing that through these, we’re creating a ubiquitous visual language, all while flaunting the re-inspection of these images as renditions in traditional visual arts methods.

#socialaesthetics is inspired by the amount of time people spend absorbing images on their digital devices. Each piece is a tribute to scrolling through apps—a testament to the fact that through our perpetual media engagement, there is a universal visual language where everything from cat videos to Kim Kardashian “Breaking the Internet” is immediately understood. Born out of her own revulsion for and dependence on her phone, Sarah seeks to reorganize and reinterpret these digital images, laboring in traditional fine art media to depict the absurdity of our fascination and consumption. Sarah’s drawings are the exact size of an iPhone screen and are at once spontaneous and serious, vapid and complex, emulating our culture’s relationship with social media down to the last detail.

Gallery Hours:

  • Saturday: 10am to 2pm
  • and by appointment

Latela is located at 716 Monroe Street NE Studio #27. The gallery is also activated many times a week for creative & wellness events: