Latela Curatorial Presents Joseph Shetler In Consideration

By Editorial Team on February 27, 2023

Mon, 20 February 2023 - Sun, 11 June 2023

Exhibition Artwork: Untitled (Contextual Diptych 2) detail, 12”x24”, acrylic and silverpoint on panel, 2023.

Reception: April 6, from 6-8pm.

Primarily recognized for his monochromatic drawings and paintings, Joe Shetler introduces color in a new body of work for the exhibition In Consideration. Shetler’s signature linework, delicate and precise in its formulation of abstract planes and grids, seemed to simultaneously float above and ground into its canvases. Introducing color as a participative subject in his work, Shetler presents a stark contrast between the color-filled backgrounds and white surfaces allocated for linework. The color fields are strong and attention-calling, yet they seem to elevate the drawing surface of each painting. Which field is more present? Or, can we consider how they exist together?

“When we look at art we are in consideration. We consider what the work is made of, who made it, and why they made it. To critique art and form an opinion we are contemplating the other. This consideration is a practice of empathy. I believe our moral vocabulary is impoverished and devalued. I want to bring consideration, empathy, and objectivity into the forefront of our minds. Every time we make art, or look at art, we are creating a habit of seeing different perspectives. This can only help heal the divisions we see in society today.”  – Joe Shetler

Including visual contradictions has become part of Shetler’s artistic language: it is his way of portraying human nature. In addition to white spaces diverging from robust color, imperfect brushstrokes contrast with perfect lines. These aesthetic dichotomies are sophisticated, and consistent. Demonstrating these polarities also illustrates how much variability exists between them.

Through this exhibition, Shetler cultivates his compositions with the same certainty and specificity as his message: the expansion of perspectives enhances our capacity for objectivity and empathy.

Located at The Silva DC: 1630 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009. Open Mon-Sat 10am-5pm and Sun noon-5pm.

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