RightNOW Exhibition by Kirsty Little with Becky McFall

By Editorial Team on February 6, 2023

Fri, 20 January 2023 - Mon, 20 March 2023

Courtesy of Kirsty Little.

Have you ever asked yourself how you as an individual can support the free expression of women’s rights internationally?

The “RightNOW” project is an interactive community photo-collage, created by artists Kirsty Little with Becky McFall,  that is intended to raise awareness on the global challenge women face in being wholly represented as independent individuals in society. 

The artists are relying on the enthusiastic support of all volunteer subjects from local and international communities to produce a montage collection of over 1000 photos in a public art interactive installation. The exhibit is available for viewing  24/7 from January 20 through March 20, 2023 in the shop windows located in Friendship Heights  at 5400 Wisconsin Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD.

The project continues to proactively seek all participants willing to make a stand and a statement through their participation in support of women’s issues.  The artists are accepting full-body personal photos for incorporation into a display that demonstrates how many people support women’s rights and are prepared to act.

Individual photos are  split in half and incorporated into a montage. This is to symbolize how women are not fully represented in global societies. As the windows fill up, the new images will be stacked in front of the previous one, to show that women have a strong body of support behind them. In one window there is a LED screen with scrolling current information on women’s issues.

More info at https://www.kirstylittle.com/rightnow-womens-rights-project

Online at #rightnowequality