Long View Gallery Presents Michelle Peterson-Albandoz Natural Selections

By Editorial Team on November 29, 2016
Photo courtesy of Long View Gallery.
Photo courtesy of Long View Gallery.
Opening Reception: Wednesday, November 30 from 6:30pm to 8pm


In Natural Selections, Albandoz continues to work with wood as medium. The work is about the material itself, and the particularities resulting from a cut, burn, or grain. She focuses on one or two of these elements, but often an unintentional bi-product becomes more interesting. The focus readjusts accordingly. Her aim is to get out of the way, so that the materials may speak for themselves.

While it feels unavoidable to quote nature, modern creation also enters her work as a vocabulary and subject matter. Her use of architectural and digital form is an inevitable result of both the tools at hand and an absorption of modern life. Repetition and variation are strong elements in both modern life and nature, and can be seen as strong elements in Albandoz’s work.

“At one time I felt that my choice of materials was a political action—a fixation on the misuse of nature. But over time, it has become more attractive to simply celebrate the natural world. In the end, the work is about providing a moment of visual and mental repose in the hold of abstraction and beauty — a reflection of the settings of life.”

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