Lost Origins Gallery Presents Fleurette Estes Behind the Loom

By East City Art Editorial Team on June 6, 2022

Thu, June 2 2022 — Sun, August 7 2022

Courtesy of Lost Origins Gallery.

“I’ve seen blood, sweat, and tears poured into their looms and felt the struggle to keep culture & tradition thriving”

Behind the Loom is a collection of images and reflections documenting Navajo Weaving, one of the most sought after Native American art forms, by Navajo photographer, Fleurette Estes. Inspired by the labor of her stepmother and sister, both famed master-weavers, Fleurette was compelled to pick up her camera and capture the stories, struggles and people keeping the weaving traditions alive.

This body of work was made possible in part by the Focus on the Story Emerging Storyteller Grant

Curated by Molly Roberts and Jason Hamacher

Gallery Hours:

  • Saturday & Sunday: 12-5pm

Lost Origins Gallery is located at 3110 Mt Pleasant St NW, 2nd floor.