Touchstone Gallery | Rosemary Luckett Nature Icons

By East City Art Editorial Team on May 20, 2024

Thu, May 30 2024 — Sun, June 30 2024

Crossroads at Sea. Image credit of Touchstone Gallery.
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 1 from 4-7pm

Paintings and poems keep company with mixed media sculptures in Rosemary Luckett’s solo exhibition “Nature Icons: Masks of the Great Face Behind.” She returns her exploration of the ways in which humans try to make unseen forces seen; this time by exploring a kinship with Alaskan Yup’ik masks and storytelling tradition.

In Luckett’s studio the fragments that cluster themselves she fuses together into mask icons, collages or paintings. During this process of discovery, she finds the unseen in each art work and titles them accordingly. They became part of this series, which attempts to uncover the creative life force in living flora and fauna native to the surrounding hardwood forests and waters in her part of this living planet Earth. Like the Yup’ik practices, her sculptures and paintings are prayers of gratitude for life, as well as a summons to restore to the planet what humankind has taken from it.

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