LUMEN8Anacostia: Festival Finale & Schedule of Events

By Editorial Team on June 13, 2012

For the first time ever- the Big Chair lit up on April 14 at the opening of the LUMEN8Anacostia Festival. Photo by David Y. Lee. Copyright ARCH Development Corporation.

Festival Finale Schedule Summary:

  • H Street Playhouse and The Theater Alliance at 2020 Shannon PL SE
  • Southeast Trinity & Verbal Gymnastics at Honfleur Gallery
  • The DJ Eskimo Show at Vivid Solutions Gallery
  • A Chuck Brown Tribute at We Act Radio
  • Stephan Laplanche Open Studio
  • Temporiums- for more information about temporiums visit the temporium page here
  • Food Trucks from 6pm to 11pm
  • After Party from 11pm to ? at Big Chair Bar and Grill


Event Details:

H Street Playhouse

7:00pm ‘Night Mother by Marsha Norman
Directed by Stephawn Stephens

8:30pm Redskins vs Rockettes by Michael Bobbitt
Directed by Michael Bobbitt

9:00pm The People Speak, based on “A People’s History of the United states” by Howard Zinn
Directed by Dylan Myers

Located at 2020 Shannon Place SE; donation suggested but not required.



WE ACT Radio

From 6pm to 11pm

Outdoor party and live broadcasts paying tribute to local DC legend Chuck Brown

Located at 1918 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave



Vivid Solutions Gallery

6pm to 10pm

The DJ Eskimo Show

Located at 2208 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE.



Stephan Laplanche Open Studio

6pm to 11pm

Located in the basement of the Anacostia Design Center 1231 Good Hope RD SE



Honfleur Gallery

6pm to 11pm

Variety Show with Verbal Gymnastics and SE Trinity

Located at 1241 Good Hope RD