March 2019 Exhibitions at Hill Center Galleries

Work by Dana Ellyn & Matt Sesow. Courtesy of Hill Center Galleries.
Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 13 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Collaborators: Dana Ellyn & Matt Sesow
March 7-April 28, 2019
Dana Ellyn and Matt Sesow are a married DC-artist couple that have been painting together for the past 20 years. Their live/work studio in downtown Washington DC has been the birthplace of thousands of paintings. Preferring to work outside the traditional gallery pricing and representational model, the couple have sold directly to buyers for most of their careers. With important showings such as a a one year solo exhibition for Matt at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, both with a current exhibition at the St. Petersburg Museum of Art in Russia, and media highlights including a documentary film and United Nations postal stamp, the duo remain self-represented and independent. This current exhibition features recent work from both Dana and Matt as well as some of their collaborative works.

Work by Jenny Nordstrom. Courtesy of Hill Center Galleries.

TREEmendous Juried Exhibition
March 7-April 28, 2019
Hill Center is celebrating the beauty of all trees with our TREEmendous Juried Exhibition! Held during the annual Cherry Blossom season, over 90 artists bring art featuring trees from a wide variety of mediums. Co-sponsored by the Capitol Hill Art League and Hill Center Galleries, Carole Ottesen, writer, photographer and illustrator specializing in garden subjects, juried the show.

Laura Adams-O’Donnell – Maremi Andreozzi – Kasse Andrews-Weller – Ken Bachman – Petra Bernstein – Ralph Blessing – Alan Braley – Judy Buelow – Roslyn Cambridge – Richard Canino – Sally Canzoneri – Yud-Ren Chen – Karen Ching – Young Choi – Marilyn Christiano – Courtney Clark – Karen Cohen – Ron Colbroth – Bernard Dellario – Cindy Dibbs – Sam Dixon – Grace Dobrow – Elizabeth Eby – Diane Small English – Marie Erb – Stacy Evans – Rosemary Fallon – Susan Farrer – Michael Ford – Holly Fries – Lynn Goldstein – Rosabel Goodman-Everard – Nico Gozal – Heike Gramckow – Dorian Hamilton – Tara Hamilton – Chris Hanson – Marni Harker – Christopher Hoppe – Tamora Ilasat – Leonard Jewler – Sharman Johnson – Adam Kernan-Schloss – Wanjin Kim – Karen Komar – Leslie M. Kraff – Gayle Krughoff – Robert Krughoff – Malka Kutnick – Leslie Landerkin – Dee Ann Layton – Wan Lee – Kevin Leonard – Addison Likins – Sherri Long – Stephen Loya – David Mann – Jane Mann – Kate McConnell – Jenny McGee – Linda McKnight – Mike McSorley – Chris Mills – Craig Morgan – Hernan Murno – Nina Muys – Jenny Nordstrom – Larry O’Reilly – Rindy OBrien – William Olexik – Sandy Olszowy – Yeong-Hi Paik – Terry Pellmar – Hoangmai Pham – Ann Pickett – Barbara Pliskin – Jane Podesta – Van Pulley – Pauline Rakis – Nan Raphael – Zachary Reid – Carolyn Rondthaler – Michael Ruiz – Susan Sanders – Roshni Sandhlla – Stephen Schiff – Judy Searles – Elaine Sevy – Yemonja Smalls – Emily Strulson – David Terrar – Ragnar Thoresen – Alex Tolstoy – Roderick Turner – Karen Van Allen – Carol Ward – Carolyn Marshall Wright – Karen Zens

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