March 2022 Exhibitions at IA&A at Hillyer

By Editorial Team on February 28, 2022

Tue, 01 March 2022 - Thu, 31 March 2022

Mary Baum, Animation 1, 2021, Snapshot from stop-motion animation.

Opening Reception: Friday, March 4 from 6pm to 8pm

Hidden Creatures by Mary Baum

Hidden Creatures explores ideas of evolution, survival, and motherhood. Alien rock-like wooden creatures, strange and yet natural, move through familiar and foreign landscapes. Their interactions with one another are captured in animations, photography, and installation to evoke internal and external worlds.


Mary Baum is a multidisciplinary artist from Oregon. Her work deals with themes of belief and mysticism and with the connections between natural and spiritual worlds. She received her BFA from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and her MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. She has exhibited internationally at Gallery 303 (Provo, UT), the MIA show (Pasadena, CA), Alice Gallery (Salt Lake City), the Wye (Berlin, Germany), School 33 Art Center (Baltimore, MD), Towson University (MD), Arlington Arts Center (VA), and CONNERSMITH Gallery (DC).

Elizabeth Vorlicek, Our Shared Abundance, 2021-2022, Porcelain, stoneware, cone 10 reduction, cone 6 and cone 04 oxidation, found objects, mixed media, 52 x 108 x 24 in.

Poetry in Still Life by Elizabeth Vorlicek

Elizabeth Vorlicek’s still life arrangements merge collage and found object assemblage with ceramic sculpture to create “still life poems” that are both thought-provoking and engaging. Vorlicek uses pensive, poetic commentary as her sculptural platform, memorializing the tragedy of human loss and the evanescent beauty of our fragile and fleeting existence on the planet.


Liz is an artist and sculptor living in Alexandria, Virginia. Liz shows her work in the DC area and throughout the United States. She is a member of the Washington Sculptors Group and holds an MFA and a BFA degree from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Liz is a high school art teacher at Episcopal High School and is the Gallery Director at the Angie Newman Johnson Gallery at EHS’s Ainslie Arts Center. Liz has worked in collage since her years as an undergraduate and finds inspiration for her sculptural work and installations through the medium.

Nora McWilliams, Store, Inkjet print on acrylic, resin, flocking, wood, paint, 32 x 78 x 4 inches.

Fleishig by Noah McWilliams

Fleishig is Yiddish for “of meat” or “for meat,” and is associated with the Jewish dietary laws of kashrut. One law forbids eating milk and meat in the same meal, which is thought to be like cooking a calf in its mother’s milk. Another requires blades used in the slaughter of livestock to be inspected for nicks to avoid inflicting unnecessary pain. These religious efforts to mitigate our impact on nature are comparable to secular practices such as veganism. Both religious and secular dietary restrictions reframe our relationship with nature to quell guilt and promote belief in an artificial balance.


Noah McWilliams is a mixed-media artist and educator who has lived and worked in the DC area for over 20 years. In this installation, the compartmentalization of our darkest impulses is projected onto segments of an organism. Each segment is a vessel for our innate brutality. McWilliams’s ingenious use of plush materials shrouds evidence of their function in a sensual domestic fantasy.

International Arts and Artists at Hillyer

Founded in 2006, IA&A at Hillyer (formerly Hillyer Art Space) is the Washington-area initiative of International Arts & Artists. Through its innovative and often provocative exhibitions and public programs, IA&A at Hillyer champions local and international artists at all stages of their careers.

IA&A at Hillyer collaborates with artists, cultural organizations, and embassies to develop and host creative, thought-provoking programs that push our understanding and reflect the uniqueness of DC as an international capital. Whether you live in Washington or are visiting, IA&A at Hillyer invites you to encounter contemporary art from the US and around the world in a welcoming, intimate gallery setting.

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