MATERIALITY Curated by Gia Harewood at The Yard Eastern Market

By Editorial Team on March 20, 2023
blue: ancestral healing, 2022 by Aliana Grace Bailey
Opening: Friday, March 24 from 6pm to 8pm

Curated by Gia Harewood

There is art that just pulls you in—something about the way it’s constructed begs you to come closer to see the use of texture, lines, shapes and colors. The physical components used by this group of artists invite curiosity and conversation. The way they manipulate their unique materials is definitely worth seeing, so come lean in.

Featured artists:

  • Sobia Ahmad
  • Aliana Grace Bailey
  • Buck
  • Aziza Claudia Gibson-Hunter
  • Ruth Gowell
  • Sarah J. Hull
  • Blake Pierre
  • Adi Segal
  • Candice Tevares

The Yard – Eastern Market is located at 700 Pennsylvania Ave. SE.