May 2021 Exhibitions at Art Enables

By Editorial Team on May 3, 2021
Courtesy of Art Enables.
Opening: May 8, 2021

With all due respect to gravity and its crucial properties, this all-Art Enables exhibition celebrates the feeling of pushing against the forces that anchor us down in favor of those that make us feel buoyant and free. Fast cars, soaring birds, floating hot dogs, and outer space hangs are in the air (literally) for our Spring/Summer studio gallery exhibition.

“Mystery Quilt”
In the world of quilting, a “mystery quilt” is a method of quilt making in which instructions and clues are given one by one over a period of time, without the quilter knowing what the final result will be. Undertaken as a group activity, the process can yield a variety of final designs, as each quilter interprets the instructions differently. While none of the works in this exhibition are literal quilts or even textiles, the artists employ familiar, quilt-like qualities in their own material languages of painting, drawing, and collage.

“Actually, I’m from the suburbs; I just say DC because it’s easier.”
Aaron Maier-Carretero’s experience growing up was shaped around the idea that the “American dream” was built in the suburbs. To hold on to that dream, one had to embrace both its pleasantries and a more insidious culture upholding white supremacy and patriarchy. The American suburb’s cheerful facades and historical promise make it a site rife with irony and contradiction. Maier-Carretero explores these contradictions in his installation, inviting viewers to explore a family home formed from a collage of physical objects and illustrated elements by Maier-Carretero and Art Enables resident artists Michael Haynes, Paul Lewis, Raymond Lewis, Max Poznerzon, and Nonja Tiller.

Art Enables is located at 2204 Rhode Island Ave NE.