Meet DC-based Author and Artist Tom Noll at Wohlfarth Galleries

By Editorial Team on May 1, 2015

Sun, 03 May 2015 - Sun, 03 May 2015



Event: Sunday May 3 at 3pm


Event held at Wohlfarth Galleries located at 3418 9th St NE in Brookland

DC based Children’s Book Author Tom Noll has won Gold Mom’s Choice Award again for his new book “Selling Eggs” that is part of his “Trash to Treasure” series “Recycling Creatively with L.T.”

“Selling Eggs” follows “The Bicycle Fence”. The books are beautifully illustrated, and the main messages of the books are Recycling, Going Green and Saving Our Planet and that Earth Day should be celebrated everyday!

Storyline for “Selling Eggs”

L.T. is excited about the chickens his family has ordered. He can’t wait to start selling eggs for pocket money! But when twelve fuzzy colorful and extremely noisy chicks arrive, it’s clear that any pocket money will have to wait. Can L.T. use his creative recycling ideas to house and care for the chicks, and when the time comes, transport their eggs to town? This charming new tale in Tom Noll’s “Trash to Treasure” series, based on events from the author’s own childhood, will inspire young readers to reinvent, repurpose, recreate, reuse and recycle in ways that are both practical and fun.

Storyline for “The Bicycle Fence”

Little Tommy is not so little any more. He has outgrown his shoes, clothes and bicycle all in one summer! L.T. (as he is now called) longs for a brand new bike, but when his father builds him one from recycled junkyard parts, L.T. is embarrassed to ride it to school. Can he come up with a creative idea that not only gives him a good-as-new bike, but also provides a new fence for his yard… and helps save the planet in the process?


About the series:

L.T. is the new RECYCLING HERO!

The L.T. Series is about adventures in recycling creatively. The colorful, whimsical illustrations, nostalgic look and inspiring messages will remind us all that We Still Need to Recycle, Go Green, Be Environmentally Friendly and Help Save Our Planet for our younger generations.

L.T. will inspire and empower young ones by helping them to understand that everyday tasks like reducing waste, reusing, and re-purposing things and recycling, has a real positive effect in our lives and in the world. They will inspire young readers to reinvent, repurpose, recreate, reuse and recycle in ways that are both practical and fun.

The delightful first book “The Bicycle Fence” and the new book “Selling Eggs” in Mr. Noll’s “Trash to Treasure” series, are based on events from the author’s own childhood.

About Tom Noll, Author.

Tom is an artist, landscape designer, avid nature lover, recycler, and advocate for going green. He is a first time writer who lives in Washington, D.C. Tom is originally from Somerset, Ohio. He lived in Manassas, Virginia, for fifteen years where he was known for the imaginative white bicycle fence at his home that he decorated for major holidays. School buses with kids and many locals stopped by for pictures with the bicycle fence the backdrop.

All of this is featured in Tom’s book series. When Tom was a child he created the original “White Bicycle Fence” in the yard of his home. Tom says his Mom loved to decorate for holidays and she was a good seamstress. Together they decorated the bicycle fence for holidays with items found at recycle centers, second-hand stores, and hand-me-downs from neighbors, or items created by both.

When Tom moved to Washington, DC, he continued this tradition by utilizing his landscape designer talents to rehabilitate the “Heart of Bloomingdale Park” at corner of Rhode Island Avenue and First & T Streets NW, that now has its own famous Bicycle Fence and is decorated for all the holidays to delight of neighbors and visitors.

There are four historic Bicycle Fences in the area: Washington, DC, Alexandria, Virginia, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, Somerset, Ohio.