Mehari Sequar Gallery Presents Asha Elana Casey Traces Of My Spirit

By Editorial Team on January 31, 2022

Thu, January 20 2022 — Sun, March 6 2022

Courtesy of Mehari Sequar Gallery.

Mehari Sequar Gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition Traces of my Spirit, by mixed media artist Asha Elana Casey. In this exhibition, Asha Elana Casey invites us into the nuances of Afro-Cosmology, creating a reference point for her Ancestors, The Living, The God Self, and Deities. This series navigates her created spiritual landscape while exploring themes of godliness and family lineage. Using mica flakes, glitter, mosaic tile, and a set palette she grounds each work in a botanical environment while pulling from artistic, folkloric, literary, and word of mouth stories to create depth to her images.

Casey’s paintings are embedded with energy. The color, material, and composition choice are directly influenced by the lived experiences of herself and of those around her. The use of vibrant metallic color, texture, and glitter bring life to the landscapes and the figures that occupy them. The botanical in the work has multiple influences including an Orisha origin story, hoodoo and rootwork, the underground railroad and sharecropper family lineage. Each figure has its own name. Some names reference the Orisha that rule her Ori, other names are her friends, and some reference ancestral lineage or stories. She uses her practice and symbolism as a record to remember those that were before her.

About Asha Elana Casey
Asha Elana Casey (b. 1994 in Washington, DC) is a mixed media visual artist living and working in Washington, DC. She earned her BFA from The Corcoran School of Art at George Washington University. Her body of work centers Self Preservation and Godliness unique to African- American culture. Casey has been awarded the Anderson Ranch residency. Her art has also been featured in the film Really Love. Her exhibitions include shows at The George Washington University, The Katzen Arts Center, PG African American Museum, and Band of Vices. She has been featured in a number of publications including East of the River, Brightest Young Things, BmoreArt, Washington City Paper, and the Washington Post.

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Mehari Sequar Gallery is located at 1402 H Street NE.