Mehari Sequar Gallery Presents Black Women Collagists RESPLENDENT

By Editorial Team on March 21, 2022

Thu, 24 March 2022 - Tue, 10 May 2022

Courtesy of Mehari Sequar Gallery.
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 24 from 6pm to 7pm

Mehari Sequar Gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming group exhibition RESPLENDENT, by artists Marraym Moma, Bria Sterling-Wilson, Heather Polk, Khaleelah I.L. Harris and Zoë Charlton. Curated by Teri Henderson, this 5-person exhibition will speak through the reconfigured works to the variation of Black feminine beauty, drawing from popular culture and their own personal archives. RESPLENDENT depicts Black women in various forms, resolute, resting, strong, soft centered and in focus. The exhibition will be twined with a concurrent showing at Connect+Collect Gallery in Baltimore.

The works in RESPLENDENT all signal the collective consciousness of Black women collagists and definitions of what is considered beautiful in popular culture. The artists in RESPLENDENT were asked to submit works that spoke to their own definitions of Black feminine beauty in their own worlds. The results are a garden of collages that are exquisite, generative, and full of depth and beauty, reflecting Black popular culture of both past and present, from old Jet Magazine advertisements to African sculpture.

About Marryam Moma
Tanzanian-Nigerian Marryam Moma (b.1984 Kano, Nigeria) is a collage artist exploring the space where spirituality, gender, race and identity, and sexuality intersect. She celebrates the human form in her work and reinforces ideas about individuality and self-love. The clarity, discipline, and execution of Moma’s work reflects applied strengths from a formal education in architecture. Moma holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Tyler School of Art, Temple University in Philadelphia. Moma’s work are to be found in The Jealous Curator, the Microsoft permanent art collection, the Starbucks permanent art collection, Kai Lin Art Gallery, Zucot Gallery, MINT Gallery, Jus Lookin’ Gallery, Knowhere Art Gallery and exhibited at PRIZM to name a few.

About Heather Polk
Heather Polk (b. 1975 Akron, OH) is a collage and abstraction artists living and working in Chicago, IL. Polk reconstructs found images to honor black bodies and pay homage to the influence and impact of black imagination and creativity on the world whether recognized or appropriated. Her work creates new melodies out of previously seen images into harmonious moments allowing the viewer to see past what life is and imagine what it could be. Polk’s work has been shown at Blanc Gallery Chicago, PXP Contemporary, Circa Gallery, Minneapolis and featured on New York Magazine, Washington Post and Cosmopolitan. She is the founder of C.U.R.E.S. an acronym for “Creativity Unleashed Rewards Every Soul” a place and space to encourage others to explore creative expression as a form of self-care and stress management.

About Bria Sterling-Wilson
Bria Sterling-Wilson (b.1993) is a collage artist and photographer from Baltimore, Maryland. She earned her BFA in Photography and Digital Arts from Towson University. She uses found photographs, magazines, newspaper clippings, and fabrics to express the multifaceted aspects of the African-American diaspora and culture. Bria constructs collages addressing race, stereotypes, cultural appropriation, and beauty standards. She has exhibited in galleries in Maryland, Delaware, and New York. She most recently exhibited work at Band of Vices in Los Angeles, and Hopper House Gallery in Baltimore, MD.

About Zoë Charlton
Zoë Charlton (b. 1973) was born in Tallahassee, Florida and lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland. Charlton received her MFA degree from the University of Texas at Austin and her BFA from Florida State University in painting and drawing. She has participated in residencies at the Skowhegan School of Painting and at The Creative Alliance in Baltimore, MD. Her work has been included in national and international group exhibitions including the Contemporary Art Museum (Houston, TX), the Studio Museum of Harlem (NYC, NY), the Zacheta National Gallery of Art (Warsaw, Poland), Haas & Fischer Gallery (Zurich, Switzerland), Clementine Gallery (NYC, NY) and Wendy Cooper Gallery (Chicago, IL).

About Khaleelah I.L.Harris
Khaleelah I. L. Harris (b. 1996 Palm Beach, Florida) is a mixed media collage artist. Khaleelah’s research investigates the project of identity formation and self-making practices for upper/middle class Black Women of the eras guided by the post-emancipation racial uplift projects and seeks to develop cultural taxonomies through which we can better determine how this particular group of Black Women enacted beautiful experiments with their lives. Harris earned her Master of Arts in Religion from Yale University in 2021 and is currently a graduate student at Howard University. Harris is also a Du Bosian Scholar and studies African American Freethought.

About Teri Henderson
Teri Henderson (b.1990 Fort Worth, TX) is a Baltimore-based independent curator, a staff writer for BmoreArt, and the Founding Director of Black Collagists. Henderson holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Texas Christian University. She formerly held a curatorial internship at Ghost Gallery in Seattle, Washington. Henderson previously served as the Art Law Clinic Director for Maryland Volunteer Lawyers For The Arts and is currently on their Board of Directors. Her written work has been seen in: BmoreArt, All SHE Makes, Artforum, Justsmile Magazine, Kinfolk Travel, and the St. James Encyclopedia of Hip Hop Culture. Teri Henderson was a curator of private acquisitions of Black collage art for the Doug + Laurie Kanyer Art Collection from 2020 – 2021, as part of her work she created the Black Collagists Arts Incubator, which was underwritten by the Doug + Laurie Kanyer Art Collection through November 2021. Black Collagists: The Book is her first book.

Mehari Sequar Gallery is located at 1402 H Street NE.