Metro Micro Gallery Presents David Carlson Water Unspoken

By Editorial Team on March 6, 2017

Sat, 04 March 2017 - Wed, 12 April 2017

Photo courtesy of Metro Micro Gallery.
Photo courtesy of Metro Micro Gallery.


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Hollywood’s golden age from the 1920s through 1940s offer family entertainment in form of drive in theaters in most towns. Today there is a new twist at Metro Micro Gallery, on a small-scale. An art video experience filling the front window of the gallery with a presentation meant to offer the viewer or pedestrians just hanging out a profound visual experience that reflects David Carlson’s interpretation of water. Here his Water Unspoken gives us zen moments to reflect upon.

The natural rhythmic flow hypnotizes.

Someone who is walking by at leisurely pace can now have a personnel cultural moment as they watch his silent film. Carlson’s art takes the viewer on an intellectual journey that reminds us, water has value to mankind in a more intimate way. Sometimes we take nature’s beauty for granted. Through video, Carlson has been able to remind us quiet is an important aspect to seeing.

In contrast to the noisy urban location of the Metro Mirco Gallery, Carlson offers this peaceful artistic concept. I have known Carlson for years as a painter, a multimedia artist, and as an educator. For me this experience of watching Water Unspoken, under the stars, between all the high-rises, and the hustle and bustle in another profound lesson that this artist is offering us. Take a moment, come and hear, see David Carlson’s Water Unspoken.
– Curator Artist Barbara Januszkiewicz

“Images form a bridge between the consciousness of the water and the consciousness of the viewer with the visual interplay between the diverse videos forming the underlying concept for Water Unspoken.

David Carlson is a visual artist residing in Northern Virginia, whose work includes abstract paintings, video and digital photography. “In my studio I ask myself, “what is the nature of reality?” This is my constant thought while I work. The tension between opposing paradigms of structure and change continually challenge me to look for different ways to understand this question. Paintings and videos are the result of this journey.”- David Carlson

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