Metro Micro Gallery Presents Luke Stewart Live is the Medium

By Editorial Team on April 3, 2017

Sat, 08 April 2017 - Sun, 30 April 2017

Photo wall printed by Colour Imaging. Courtesy of Metro Micro Gallery.
Photo wall printed by Colour Imaging. Courtesy of Metro Micro Gallery.


Opens: Saturday, April 8


This exhibit goes live April 8 and is on view 24/7 until April 30.

Music is Life. The experiences of living contribute to the sound in performance. A recording cannot capture the full life-changing potential. The perfect medium, the only medium, is Live.

An exhibition of the sound and photographs by DC-based musician Luke Stewart.

“My discipline is sound and music. My interest is improvisation.This exhibition is an expression of my personal artistic philosophy that live is indeed the medium, in which the full life-changing potential of sonic vibration is the most possible.”

Metro Micro Gallery is committed in creating opportunities that will inspire more creative collaborations and enrich our community. David Carlson Co-Curator understands this fusion of art and music as well as being part of the Metro Micro Gallery family of exhibiting artists. Here we come together and support each us in new ways that help our community.

Co -Curator Barbara Januszkiewicz is no stranger to the crossover of art and music. Herself being the first resident visual artist for the American Jazz Museum, has always been intrigue it and relationships with sound and art.

“I see Luke Stewart’s photo essay here as an extension of him being a masterful performer. I first met Luke Bahamian Caverns where he was leading a large ensemble playing a salute to John Coltrane. Seeing the photos that Luke has taken in his daily life as a jazz musician crosses over effortlessly. I’ve witnessed Luke Stewart’s photographs having the same spontaneous feeling as his dialogue of improvised jazz interpretation on stage. I am delighted along with David Carlson to bring Stewart’s visual work into the gallery space as it takes us on a journey through the eyes of a gifted musician with this visual component.”

Live is the Medium, is not only Luke Stewart’s visual expressions but a fusion of creative, improvised jazz interpretation as he lives and breathes music. There are moments where he share the same stage with others giving us an opportunity, a very rare glimpse of a jazz artist as he play off each other’s voices in his music collaborations.

Luke is the Medium, for whatever he approaches, from creating new music to these visual still moments, Luke Stewart is being real. This fusion of music and art filled shows a masterful artist playing with light, shape, texture, and hue. This alone can transforms the way you listen to music or view a performance.

“Stewart is a multi-instrumentalist. I believe that he can bring a new generation of audiences ready to embrace this creative medley that is dynamic influence from jazz ,art , music and technology.  And I am delighted that all the photos and the photo wall has been prepared by Colour Imaging. They support in this project demonstrates the importance of living, working and playing in the community.”  Barbara Januszkiewicz.

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