International Center for Graphic Arts Presents Metropolis

By Editorial Team on November 12, 2015

Mon, 26 October 2015 - Sat, 14 November 2015

Photo courtesy of American University.
Photo courtesy of Artists.


Currently on view.


The theme of the artists book Metropolis reflects both an international movement to rethink the experience, functioning and significance city life and the book’s city of origin.  Venice, the city that dominated commerce and culture throughout the Mediterranean for over a thousand years is a mother city, the original meaning of metropolis, still offering rich culture and the experience of a car-less, walkable city.

Realized at the International Center for Graphic Arts (CIG – Centro Internazionale della Grafica) in Venice, Italy under the guidance of Silvano Gosparini where artists worldwide come to print and learn Venetian bookmaking techniques, Metropolis was initiated by artist Andreas Kramer (Berlin/Venice).

Following the success of their first book project, Il Libro della Notte, this book has three times as many artists.  The accordion-style book of 303 prints (on Rosaspina Fabriano paper)  fully extends up to 60 meters (about 215’ long.)   One of the edition of three identical books is being exhibited in Italy and join the first book in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, Ca’ Pesaro in Venice.   One being exhibited in Europe is destined for a German museum, and the third book is beginning its North American showing at the Katzen Rotunda in conjunction with the 2015 Group 93 exhibit, Solutions Sunday, Nov. 1 and then onto Friendship Heights Village Center.

Soft cover catalogs of the book, with images of every print near original size, are available.

The work will be exhibited  at the American University Katzen Arts Center at 4400 Massachusetts Ave. NW and at the Friendship Heights Village Center at 4433 S Park Ave, Chevy Chase, MD.