Micheline Klagsbrun Studios Presents H E L LO!

By Editorial Team on November 8, 2021

Mon, 01 November 2021 - Sun, 05 December 2021

Image courtesy Micheline Klagsbrun.

On view through December 5, 2021

Hello is a word of greeting and a means of acknowledging the world and people around. It is a sign of life-beat; a gesture of welcome, an expression of feeling and opinion; a voice of curiosity; a calling for change; an alert for quest; an awakening. The free-associations are manifold and so are the implied meanings.

Coming out of the pandemic, a period of physical isolation and collective estrangement, on the one hand, and the social unrest on the other, the sense of time as well as life priorities has shifted for many. A need to ponder inside oneself and reflect on the outside becomes predominant. By gathering a group of DC-based artists, the aim of HELLO! is simple and genuine—to reconnect and come together through shared experience of art. By presenting works in an unconventional setting of a private artist studio, HELLO! hopes to provide a humble space of “living with art,” rather than merely showing or viewing art.

HELLO! includes ten artists whose works engage the theme of greetings in their own ways, not declaratively but visually. Employing a wide range of media and approaches, from drawing and painting to sculpture, mixed media, and digitally-based works, the artists manifest different sensibilities, conceptual backgrounds, and formal vocabularies. Each of their work carries a personal narrative or a viewpoint from quiet, poetic and contemplative to expressive, humorous, and
socially poignant. Despite the polyphony of their artistic practices, when joined together, all the artists honor sincerity by saying HELLO! We are here!

HELLO! Features works by:

Robin Bell
Nehemiah Dixon III
Rachel Farbiarz
Michelle Lisa Herman
Maggie Michael
Dani Levinas
Barbara Liotta
Nara Park
Ellington Robinson
Helen Zughaib

Hours: Fri–Sat, 4–8 pm & by appointment

HELLO! is organized by Vesela Sretenović. For further information and appointment please contact: info@nonalignedart.com