Mid City Artists Announce May Show Discovery

By Editorial Team on May 1, 2018
Photo courtesy of Mid City Artists.

Mid City Artists is a diverse group of visual artists who have chosen to work in the Mid City area of DC and the surrounding neighborhoods. Joined together by a common geography, MCA members support each other by sharing information and opportunities.

Annually, they open their studios in order to let the public in on the process of making art. They also have a mutually beneficial relationship with many local businesses. Mid City Artists are always looking for new members, you can visit them at www.midcityartists.com.

This May, MCA will have a group show by 10 of their members every weekend in May from 1-6pm at the White Cloud Gallery 1843 14th Street NW, 2nd floor. This show will be called Discovery:

Curating an exhibition in which every artist has a completely different style and perspective can be difficult. The intention of this exhibition is to find a common thread that unites all the artists, while creating a sense of adventure in the viewer by offering them an opportunity to discover things that are hidden from plain sight. A common link among this group is storytelling. From real stories, through photos that freeze distant realities yet make them feel closer, to figurative stories that come from the representation of everyday urban landscapes, to abstract stories that allow us to scrape out the emotions of every brushstroke. With Discovery they invite you to discover artwork by members of the Mid City Artists Group and continue to support local artists living and creating in our community.

Participating artists are: Betto Ortiz, Chuck Baxter, Charlie Gaynor, Indira Dingledine, Jane Cave, Lucinda Murphy, Miguel Perez Lem, Marie Ringwald, Michael Crossett and Regina Miele.

Mid City Artists rely on local Business Sponsors. They are so very grateful for their support to keep art and artists in our neighborhood. Their Business Sponsors are:

BodySmith, Chocolate House, City Houses Real Estate, Coldwell Banker Realtors, Cork Market, DC Noodles, Floors on 14th, Frame Smith, Good Wood, Hamiltonian Artists, Home Rule, The Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery, Little Leaf, Miss Pixies Furnishings and Whatnots, Peregrine Espresso, Pink Line, Rice Restaurant, Room and Board, Salt and Sundry, SOM Records and White Cloud Gallery.

(via Mid City Artists. Photo courtesy of Mid City Artists.)