Martin Luther King Jr Library | Capital Connection

By East City Art Editorial Team on July 9, 2024

Mon, June 24 2024 — Fri, January 10 2025

Winston Harris, BLM Movement BLM Plaza Washington DC 2020,
39”x 47”, Mix Medium Digital Photo Collage Print

The artwork selected for the exhibition, titled Capitol Connection, represents the artists’ connection to their DC experiences. These artworks reflect the cultural diversity, capturing and incorporating the rich fabric exposed in the Nation’s Capital. They aim to provide creative images that serve to highlight an assembly of structural disciplines. The primary objectives demonstrate the contributions each artist has been influenced by through personal experiences while attending some historic events in their lifetime.

The artwork curated for the Martin Luther King Jr Library 901 G street NW Washington DC. 20001 comes from a selected group of established painters, sculptors, videographers, and printmakers with whom Winston Harris and Sarah Matthews have collaborated. Participating artist include: Nikki Brooks, Sharon Robinson, Michael Booker, Korey Richardson, Shawn Hart, Sarah Matthews and Winston Harris.

Martin Luther King Jr Library 901 G street NW