Morton Fine Art Presents Laurel Hausler Dogtown

By Editorial Team on June 3, 2019

Sat, 08 June 2019 - Wed, 03 July 2019

Laurel Hausler, Sign of the Rose, 2019, 36″x48″, oil and gouache on canvas. Courtesy of Morton Fine Art.
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 8 from 2pm to 6pm

In my mind, there are three meanings of Dogtown.

There are the “Dogtowns” scattered throughout the US, usually desolate dusty places once frequented by rogues and unlucky outcasts.

There is a Dogtown-THE Dogtown- in Cape Ann, Massachusetts. This Dogtown is a historical abandoned settlement, once populated by outsiders, widows, witches and roaming packs of dogs. Today, it is still a wild place and one that should be preserved. Situated amidst Pleistocene boulders, the area continues to be a source of lore.

This exhibition is the third and imagined Dogtown- a mythical place that combines all of the latter aspects—and their metaphysical reflections. It’s a Blair Witch Project woods, a stony, inscrutable wilderness where women and witches live as they wish with dogs for companionship and protection—
a place of ritual, noir and labyrinthian mystery, symbolizing persistence in the face of life’s craggy brutality. -LAUREL HAUSLER, 2019

Available artwork by LAUREL HAUSLER

Laurel Hausler was born in Virginia. She works to create mysterious beauty in all media, and to remember and portray that which might be lost and forgotten. The works in this show are composed of graphite, gouache and oil paint on canvas.

Her artwork is featured in book publications including Cutting Edge; New Stories of Women in Crime by Women Writers, edited by Joyce Carol Oates and Retrograde, by Kat Hausler.

DOGTOWN marks her fifth solo exhibition at Morton Fine Art in Washington, DC.

Gallery hours:

  • Wednesday – Saturday: 12-5pm
  • Sunday – Tuesday by appointment
Morton Fine Art is located at 52 O St NW #302.