District Architecture Center | Adrienne Moumin In Another Life

By East City Art Editorial Team on February 12, 2024

Thu, February 15 2024 — Fri, April 12 2024

Bouquet of Lights courtesy of the artist
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 15 from 6-8pm

The District Architecture Center is pleased to present Adrienne Moumin In Another Life, on view from February 15, 2024, to April 12, 2024. This exhibition features a series of works by the artist Adrienne Moumin. In this exhibition, Moumin presents a collection of her works that display her unique style of photo collage. The name of the show, “In Another Life,” is taken from an anonymous note in Moumin’s exhibition guest book, “You were an architect in another life.” It also represents a geographic double-entendre, since many of the works originate with photographs of New York. Geometric abstraction through repetition of images is key to Moumin’s approach, as she endeavors to create optical effects in her pieces that vary with distance and perspective. Throughout the creation of her collages, which are all 100% handcrafted, Moumin strives to create drama. She employs her photographic medium to generate captivating images that appear as though they were computer generated, rather than meticulously forged by hand.

While at first many of Moumin’s monochromatic pieces may appear to be digitally created, closer inspection reveals the intricate texture and layering that go into each collage. Many of these collages are reimagined conceptualizations of simple structures, such as light fixtures, doorways, and arches. These simple structures are reborn through Moumin’s collages, to be presented in the way that Moumin experiences them. Many of the pieces are places or things that hold sentimental value to Moumin and evoke an emotional response. Several of the pieces on display in this exhibition were created during the pandemic and have therefore never been exhibited publicly.

Adrienne Moumin is a visual artist based in New York, NY, and Silver Spring, MD. Moumin specializes in printed black & white photography and handmade photo collage. She is best known for her “Architextures” photo series, which is inspired by architecture and urban landscapes. Her work has been featured in many solo and group exhibitions since 1997, throughout the United States.

The opening reception for this exhibition will take place on February 15, 2024, and following this reception, the exhibition will be open to the public every Tuesday–Thursday from 11 am-3 pm. The exhibition will remain on view through April 12, 2024.

Further details on this exhibition can be found at https://www.aiadc.com/event/adrienne-moumin-another-life.
The address of the District Architecture Center is 421 Seventh St NW.