Art Museum of the Americas | Sobre una mujer / About a Woman

By East City Art Editorial Team on July 24, 2023

Fri, July 28 2023 — Sun, October 8 2023

Sara Wayra Aliaga (Bolivia)
From the series Cholita tenías que ser
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 27 from 4-6pm

Sobre una mujer / About a Woman
Curated by Elda Harrington and Silvia Mangialardi
July 27-October 8, 2023

The OAS AMA | Art Museum of the Americas and the FLA-Fundacion Luz Austral, with the support of the Inter-American Commission of Women (CIM) Sobre una mujer (About a Woman), an exhibition of contemporary photography of the Americas. This exhibition coincides with the 95th anniversary of the CIM. Curated by Elda Harrington and Sylvia Mangialardi, this exhibition was presented online through the museum’s social media platforms in March of 2023, and will now come to life along the museum’s physical walls.


  • Patricia Ackerman (Argentina)
  • Maia Alcires (Argentina)
  • Cecilia Anton (Argentina)
  • Marina Carniglia (Argentina)
  • Silvina Caserta (Argentina)
  • Veronica Cozzi (Argentina)
  • Diane Fenster (United States)
  • Ana Carolina Fernandes (Brazil)
  • Alicia D’Amico (Argentina)
  • Franco Fafasuli (Argentina)
  • Claudia Gaudelli (Argentina)
  • Paula Gomez Viale (Chile)
  • Adriana Groisman (Argentina-United States)
  • Annemarie Heinrich (Argentina)
  • Maria Alejandra Huerta Leighton (Chile)
  • Julia Lafee (Chile)
  • Adriana Lestido (Argentina)
  • Candelaria Magliano (Argentina)
  • Gaby Messina (Argentina)
  • Haley Morris Cafiero (United States)
  • Cirenaica Moreira (Cuba)
  • Cristian Nicollier (Argentina)
  • Pablo Ortiz Monasterio (Mexico)
  • Lydia Panas (United States)
  • Cande Rivera (Nicaragua)
  • Ana Robles (Argentina)
  • Cesar Gustavo Ruiz (Argentina)
  • Karen Schwend (Chile)
  • Ana Maria Saenz (Chile)
  • Annita Pouchard Serra (Argentina)
  • Viktoria Sorochinski (Canada-Ukraine)
  • Sara Wayra Aliaga (Bolivia)

Art Museum of the Americas is located at 201 18th Street NW.