Multiple Exposures Gallery at the Torpedo Factory Art Center Presents Memories of the Present

By Editorial Team on January 25, 2016

Tue, 05 January 2016 - Sun, 14 February 2016

Images by Fred Zafran ©.
Image courtesy Fred Zafran.


Reception: Saturday, January 30 from 2pm to 4pm


Urban documentary photographer Fred Zafran presents an exhibition of new work at Multiple Exposures Gallery.

About the show:
In this portfolio of new photography, Fred Zafran presents an allegory of being, time and memory. The images in this photo essay are an exploration of, and challenge to our understanding and everyday conceptions of the world around us.

About the artist:
Fred Zafran is a documentary photographer exploring the urban environment as metaphor and map of our inner human landscape. Photographing at the boundaries of illumination and darkness, Zafran’s work is a gentle observation of the city, its streets, and a “few of us” as we wander through the day and unanticipated moments of quiet and solitude.

“The principal barrier to image making is our readiness to receive… to see and to be moved by the world around us.  I find a subtle profundity in things partially seen… illuminated, but hidden in shadow.  An idea suggested or implied becomes the foundation of a compelling narrative.”

Fred Zafran came to photography more 40 years ago.  Today all of his images are captured digitally with careful consideration given to light, shadow, darkness and color as key structural and emotional elements.  He has found a strong resonance with the black and white images of Ray Metzker and Fan Ho, and the color photography of Sam Abell and Alex Webb (with whom he studied most recently).

Fred Zafran lives in Loudoun County, VA and works in the Washington DC area.  Over the last three decades, he built a successful career as a management consultant and senior executive in the technology services industry.  Now retired he devotes most all of his time to travel and photography in small towns and cities throughout the U.S. and abroad.  His work is represented by the Multiple Exposures Gallery in Alexandria, VA, and he exhibits throughout the DC metro area.

Gallery Hours:

  • Daily: 10am – 5pm
  • Thursdays: 2pm – 8pm

Torpedo Factory is located at 105 N. Union St., Alexandria, VA. For more information, visit