Multiple Exposures Gallery Presents Tom Sliter Cold Warriors

By Editorial Team on June 13, 2022

Tue, 14 June 2022 - Sun, 24 July 2022

Courtesy of Multiple Exposures Gallery.

Multiple Exposures Gallery is pleased to announce a new photography exhibition by Tom Sliter

Cold Warriors is a series of images that takes a different look at the aircraft that defined the Cold War. Rather than focusing on the aircraft’s characteristics, the exhibit delves into the underlying design elements — the grand sweeps, smooth lines, sharp angles, and graceful curves that are a hallmark of pushing boundaries. Higher. Faster. Farther.

But this inherent beauty is intertwined with the complicated, darker story of the forces that drove these designs. Unlike most aviation photography, the partial, cropped views and the black and white presentation encourage the viewer to engage on a deeper level – to acknowledge the aircraft’s grave purpose, but also to appreciate their inherent beauty.

Tom Sliter is a fine art photographer in Washington, DC with a long-standing fascination with aviation. His photography has received national and international recognition. He is a juried member of the Torpedo Factory Artist Association and has been a member of MEG since 2018.

Gallery Hours:

  • Daily: 11am-5pm

Multiple Exposures Gallery is located at 105 N Union Street, Studio 312, Alexandria, VA.