Multiple Exposures Gallery Presents Van Pulley Tree Eternal

By Editorial Team on May 2, 2022

Wed, 04 May 2022 - Sun, 12 June 2022

Courtesy of Multiple Exposures Gallery.

The Multiple Exposures Gallery announces the opening of a new photography exhibition called Tree Eternal  by member artist Van Pulley.

About the Show:
Cypress wood is known as the ‘wood eternal’, stemming from its famed durability and resistance to rot and pests. Ironically, its prized durability threatens the sustainability of the ancient species that yields this precious and beautiful wood, the Bald Cypress.

The fifth oldest living thing on earth is a Bald Cypress discovered in NC that dates to the 6th c. BC. But sadly, very few old growth cypress forests remain. Most of these unique and potentially long-living trees have surrendered to rapacious logging, agriculture, man-made alterations to their native hydrology, or the most recent threat, sea level rise and saltwater intrusion into fragile coastal wetlands and swamps where they have long thrived.

Pulley and his lens meander through the bayou to bring focus to these remarkable and mysterious trees at one of the most wondrous cypress forests left on earth. He raises hope that in protected havens, future generations will not only appreciate the ‘wood eternal‘, but marvel at the beauty and resilience of the ‘tree eternal‘.

About the Artist:
Van Pulley is a fine art photographer living in Northern Virginia. Living abroad and working on international development for almost 3 decades at the World Bank sensitized him to the uncommon beauty, singular gestures and compelling structures that those inured to a local place sometimes overlook. His photography explores the sublimity of natural landscapes, the diverseness of urban environments and the assortment of people and cultures that breathe activity and uniqueness into the places they live.

Gallery Hours:

  • Wednesday – Sunday: 11am-5pm
  • Open daily beginning in June

Multiple Exposures Gallery is located at 105 N Union Street, Studio 312, Alexandria, VA.