Embassy of Argentina | Hernan Murno 1000 Hues Revisited

By East City Art Editorial Team on January 22, 2024

Thu, January 25 2024 — Sun, March 3 2024

The Zig Zags 1, Digital print (H.Murno)
Opening Reception: Thursday, January 25 from 6-8pm

A Series of paintings depicting the impressions awaken in the artist by landscapes of his birth country and based on photographs taken by him.

“The artworks aren’t intended to be precise replicas of what I’ve seen. Instead, I prioritize colors, textures, shapes, and reflections over achieving a hyper-realistic portrayal of the subject.”

Although all pieces are original paintings, some were designed through digital manipulation, he says, “I encourage viewers to explore the compositions by identifying shapes and elements resulting from the digital superimposition of images from earlier paintings in the series. However, many shapes remain constant, and are recognizable by the attentive eye. ”

This series is presented complete for the first time in this exhibit.

Register by calling the embassy at (202) 238 6464

Embassy of Argentina is located at 1600 New Hampshire Av. NW