November Exhibitions at Strathmore Visual Arts

By Editorial Team on November 20, 2017

Sat, 18 November 2017 - Sun, 07 January 2018

Photo courtesy of Strathmore Visual Arts.
Currently on view Sunday, January 7, 2018.

The time has come—the one time each year that Strathmore’s Mansion galleries can accommodate a vast collection of 750 works—the Annual Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature, celebrating its 84th annual showcase of tiny treasures, some as small as a fingernail. The exhibition features 292 artists from 11 countries, including Iran, Pakistan, Malta, and Australia. Strathmore presents this annual favorite with concurrent exhibitions Large Scale: Miniature Artists Go Big and Bodies of Work: Diane R. Weiner, from Saturday, November 18, 2017–Sunday, January 7, 2018. A free Opening Reception for all three exhibitions will be held on Sunday, November 19, 2017 at 2 p.m.

A counterpoint to Miniature, with Large Scale Strathmore unleashes the immense talent of favorite miniaturists onto a larger canvas. Ideas are uncontained as artists paint with broader brushstrokes to capture vast, expansive images. Though comparatively large, the work is no less meticulous, with artists applying the same keen eye and deliberate technique that they channel into their miniature masterpieces.

Using Renaissance techniques and color-rich oils, Diane R. Weiner draws similarities between unlikely muses through her exquisite rendering of contours, gestures, and expressions in the bodies of humans and cows. Bodies of Work, on view in the Invitational Gallery, brings the viewer unusually close and in touch with the anthropomorphic qualities of Weiner’s bovine subjects.

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In the First Floor Galleries—Large Scale
Each year, Strathmore audiences delight in the Annual Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature. What visitors may not realize is that many masters of the microscopic also produce art in a larger format. Large Scale provides these artists an opportunity to demonstrate their skill and versatility. The increase in canvas, paper, and panel size reveal an exceptional ability to amplify their medium while executing the quality and refined details that have so captivated fans of their miniature works.

Past exhibitors from the Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society of Washington, DC’s annual Miniature exhibition were invited to submit work for consideration. The resulting exhibition, 56 works by 31 artists, features audience favorites and award winners from throughout the Society’s distinguished history.

In the Second Floor Galleries—Fine Art in Miniature
Active for 84 years, the Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society of Washington, DC was sponsored by the renowned miniaturist Alyn Williams. He first established the Royal Miniature Society in England in 1895 and came to Washington to teach at the Corcoran School of Art. Today, 750 mini masterpieces in stone, oil, pastel, and print are testimony to the rich history of this prodigious juried exhibition. From the size of a postcard down to a postage stamp, small scale portraits, still life, sculpture, and collage, submitted by artists from 11 countries, capture the world in miniature. These marvels aren’t just about making small art—they are about the ability of the miniaturist to captivate and enchant the viewer with precise brushstrokes, exact carvings, subtle pencil marks, and exquisite shading. The art is in the technique as much as the finished product itself.

Each year, the Society recognizes the most exceptional works in the exhibition with more than $8,400 in awards. Best in Show for 2017 is Linda Rossin’s Lighthouse Keeper’s Companion, an acrylic work depicting a black cat peering out of a lighthouse window at the open ocean and inviting coastline.

In The Invitational Gallery—Bodies of Work: Diane R. Weiner
Diane R. Weiner examines human and bovine beauty through the contours, gestures, and emotions of people and cows. Drawing from two separate bodies of work, displayed side by side, the human form executed in trois crayon (the use of three colors of chalk) and other media of the Renaissance era is juxtaposed with depictions of colorful bovines in detailed oil works. Gestural similarities—a quizzical expression, body posture, or a look of shock—diffuse the very obvious differences in Weiner’s subjects to demonstrate that an artist’s interests and influences can transcend subject matter.

Across both bodies of work, Weiner’s arresting quality of light captures humans in graceful positions, in fleeting and intimate moments, and anthropomorphizes gentle giants with kind eyes and soft features that elicit a sense of cross-species empathy.

Education Programming
Strathmore will enhance the visitor experience with public education programs. On Saturday, November 25, 2017 young art lovers get behind the brushstrokes during the Children’s Talk & Tour guided walkthrough and hands-on art activity. That same day, at the Curator’s Tour beginning at 1 p.m., adults will learn about the exhibitions from Visual Arts Coordinator Gabrielle Tillenburg, and Elizabeth Stecher from the Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society.

On Saturday, December 9, 2017 miniature painter and instructor Nancy Still will lead a 5-hour-long Miniature Painting Workshop for students with some painting experience interested in learning the art of painting in miniature.

About Strathmore
Strathmore presents and produces exemplary visual and performing arts programs for diverse audiences, creates dynamic arts education experiences, and nurtures creative ideas and conversations that advance the future of the arts. The organization’s hallmark is the Music Center at Strathmore, with a 1,976-seat concert hall and education complex. Its core campus also includes the historic Mansion at Strathmore, which features an intimate Music Room and art galleries. Most recently, Strathmore opened AMP, a 230-seat cabaret-style venue located just up Rockville Pike from the core campus in the burgeoning Pike District of Montgomery County. Strathmore’s signature education, mission-driven programs include the Strathmore Student Concerts, the Artist in Residence program, and its Spring Break @ Strathmore camp.

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