October 2018 Exhibitions at Touchstone Gallery

By Editorial Team on October 2, 2018

Fri, 05 October 2018 - Sun, 28 October 2018

Work by McCain McMurray. Courtesy of Touchstone Gallery.
Opening Reception: Friday, October 5 from 6pm to 8:30pm

Meet the Artists: Saturday, October 27 from 2pm to 4pm

Touchstone Gallery Member Show

Pictures of Nothing Paintings by McCain McMurray
Artist Talk: Saturday, October 27 from 2pm to 4pm
Once used to describe the atmospheric work of J.M.W. Turner, ‘pictures of nothing’, reflects a common expectation that one see a recognizable image in a work of art. My work on the other hand, is an attempt to abstract those images to generate an evocation of a place, experience or memory for the viewer.

I usually work in series so you see colors and forms that play off each other or continuously develop particular ideas. In these works, long vertical forms are like a slice through an immersive experience.

Working in acrylic and pouring multiple layers of thinned paint onto unprimed canvas allows the pigment to seep into the fabric to actually stain the canvas. The staining process creates a certain flow to the finished work. The same process produces similar results on paper.

My work is about creating essays on places or memories. It is not about making pictures of something; it’s about defining the essence of space and experience.

Work by Sally Canzoneri. Courtesy of Touchstone Gallery.

Spotlight Art Series@Touchstone Guest Artist
Multiple Dimensions by Sally Canzoneri
Meet the Artist: Saturday, October 27 from 2pm to 4pm
Sally Canzoneri describes herself as an artist who “captures images with a digital camera and turns them into works on and of paper.” For this exhibit Canzoneri started with images she captured in Milan, Italy and created a number of two and three dimensional pieces. This gives viewers a window on the artist’s process. It also gives them a chance to view the same imagery in multiple dimensions, and consider how differently we experience two and three dimensional work.

Her overall goal, Canzoneri says, “is to create an exhibit where viewers find even more dimensions, seeing beyond what is immediately apparent in the pictures – and in the world around them.”

Canzoneri’s three dimensional pieces include lenticular pictures and sculptural artist books. Lenticular pictures combine two images so that viewers moving by see one picture from one side and a different one from the other side. This structure forces viewers to move, gaining different perspectives on the content of the images; but the viewers must complete the link between the images. The way the images are tightly integrated gives viewers agency and choice, making the viewer part of the process of creating or eliciting an emotional response.

Like her lenticulars, Canzoneri’s artist books use unusual forms to amplify the content of her images, drawing viewers to explore and participate. As with the lenticulars, what viewers see changes as they move around the pieces. The books also have kinetic elements, with moving parts and the possibility of manipulating them to change their shape and what parts are visible.

Sally Canzoneri’s art has been shown and won awards in numerous group and solo shows. The DC Commission on Arts and Humanities has recognized her as an Arts and Humanities Fellow and by adding a number of her pieces to the District Art Bank Collection.

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