October 2021 Exhibitions at Studio Gallery

By Editorial Team on October 4, 2021

Wed, 29 September 2021 - Sat, 23 October 2021

Jazz Band, New Orleans by Susan Raines.
On view: September 29 to October 23

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Susan Raines: New Orleans
When people think of New Orleans, they think of Mardi Gras and the Jazz Festival, parades and music. But the real New Orleans is all about neighborhoods. Each has its own distinguishing features and eccentric characters. There’s a celebration going on somewhere no matter what time of year it is. Amazing food is being cooked and endlessly discussed, the neighborhood bars are overflowing onto the streets and music is blasting out the doors. The photographs in this exhibition were taken over a period of years when I was visiting family in New Orleans. I never attempted to document the city in a journalistic way as that has been done many times. I wanted to connect with the spirit of this iconic 300 year old city that has survived so much and continues to thrive in spite of what nature inflicts on it. These photographs are only a beginning for me. I will continue to photograph the city every time I travel there. If you haven’t been to New Orleans or if it has been a long time since you were there, I urge you to go and experience its magic.

A Wonderful World by Freda Lee-McCann.

Freda Lee-McCann: Islamic Blue
In ancient times, “Islamic Blue” was what the Chinese called the cobalt blue color used in the Blue and White ceramics. This exhibition is a story about how the Blue and White ceramics from China connected the East and the West via the Silk Roads.

Fraught Fruit – Axed by Langley Spurlock.

Langley Spurlock + John Martin Tarrat
Where bananas are blue. Men wear veils. And icebergs echo with the light of an Antarctic day twenty million years past.
In the space between violet and green exists an infinity of shades that attract and repel, that determine what we see, how we look, even how we feel.
Using photocollages, aluminum prints and a limited-edition folio to illuminate blue’s rise from rarity to ubiquity, artist and poet playfully explore the spectrum’s most elusive color in all its devilish ambiguity.

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