Olly Olly Presents Talk Show Group Exhibition

By Editorial Team on May 16, 2017

Sat, 20 May 2017 - Sat, 08 July 2017

Courtesy of Olly Olly.
Courtesy of Olly Olly.


Opening Reception: Saturday, May 20 from 7pm to 10pm


Talk Show immerses us in a world of glitter, harvest gold, shag carpet, and mad talk. Inviting us to explore corporate media bias as well as reconstruct and deconstruct the role of the public intellectual in 21st century U.S. life, politics, art, music, and thought, Talk Show juxtaposes laugh track fueled soundscapes, gluttonous green room indulgence, 1970s faux glamour kitsch decadence, collaborative conversation based performance, and inclusive deep listening. Join Olly Olly on May 20, 2017, 7pm-10pm, for a new exhibition featuring work by:

  • Raul Altosaar
  • Amy Hughes Braden
  • Rodrigo Carazas Portal
  • Jeff Duka
  • Naomi Christianson
  • Heloisa Escudero
  • Claudia Estrada
  • Peter Lee
  • Brian Legan
  • Adrian Parsons
  • Jeffery Paul
  • Matt Somma
  • Hannah Son
  • and more…

Discoverable within the warm glow of 1970s tacky talk show fascination is a world both lost and irretrievable: a guest who everybody knows; a host whose wit is keen and whose objectivity remains unquestioned, whose charm and intellect invite the viewer to pull up closer to the screen; and an audience that wants to come together after a long day, close to that comforting hum, that wants to laugh and smile and know the issues of the day, that wants to belong and behave and believe.

From the comfort of our postlapsarian couches, we can see that their innocence was tapering, that their public intellectuals were about to go missing, that their TV dinners were cooling off, that they did not yet know they were on a long dark slide from so many dying dreams, past the Watergate hearings, beyond the Cold War and the abandonment of the Fairness Doctrine, past Clinton’s 1996 Telecommunications Act, and ever so slowly shifting beyond a center that will not hold. Join us to become part of the conversation, the installation, and the performance.

Olly Olly wants to nourish the body and the community as well. We will be collecting healthy non-perishable food items for the Food Bridge Program at Britepaths, which provides short-term emergency food assistance to Fairfax County area residents who are in crisis. We encourage you to bring a healthy non-perishable food item to donate. The Food Bridge Program is most in need of cooking oil, brown rice, dried beans, canned fruit in its own juices, canned tomato products and pasta sauce.

Olly Olly is located at 10417 Main Street, 2nd Floor in Fairfax, VA, is open for special events and by appointment. Call 703-789-6144 for more information.