Open Gallery Presents Selin Balci Anthropogenic

By Editorial Team on February 6, 2018

Thu, 08 February 2018 - Fri, 02 March 2018

Photo courtesy of Open Gallery.
Reception: Thursday, February 8 from 6pm to 8pm

The Open Gallery presents Selin Balci: Anthropogenic from January 15 – March 2, 2018. Anthropogenic explores the theater of human conditions and its effects to our world in a cultivated, living environment; the Petri dish. A reception will be held Thursday, February 8th, 2018 6–8 p.m. The event is located at the Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Arts Center. For more information, visit Free and open to the public.

The third show in this year’s themed exhibition series, Nature Endangered: Imagination and Environment is Selin Balci: Anthropogenic.

Balci explores the theater of human conditions and its effects to our world in a cultivated, living environment; the Petri dish. This environment serves not only as a vivarium for mold but also as a living studio. By constructing a landscape simultaneously natural and artificial, petri dish provides a platform on which she acts as a curator and creator. In this artificial ‘world’, she stages global problems; conflicts, political pressures, immigration, racialism, dominance, predation, pollution, contamination, and massive consumption. Merging traditional mediums with highly patterned and colored mold, Balci creates lushly visual and interactive biological landscapes. Although, mold is unwanted, toxic, hazardous and dangerous, in her work, mold becomes a metaphor of human actions and motives.

About the Series:
Nature Endangered: Imagination and Environment Since earliest times art has reflected humanity’s relation to the world of animals and plants. Our contemporary concern with environmental issues has generated widespread interest in the themes of species survival and response to the forces that most endanger them: climate change and habitat loss as a result of both natural processes and human activity. Artists are revisiting the representation of animals and plants in ways that reflect these anxieties with new expressive and imaginative means.

About the Artist
Balci’s many accolades include the prestigious College Art Association (CAA) 2012 Professional-Development Fellowship, So-Hamiltonian Fellowship in Washington, DC, 2013-15 Bethesda Urban Partnership’s Trawick Prize Finalist Award, Smack Mellon’s Hot Picks Artist Award and recently, she has been selected as a finalist for Philadelphia’s Center for Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA). Numerous galleries have mounted solo and group exhibitions of Balci’s work including the Hamiltonian Gallery, DCAC (District of Columbia Arts Center), WPA (Washington Project for the Arts), ConnerSmith Gallery, Honfleur Gallery in Washington, D.C, Rush Arts Gallery and Smack Mellon in NY. Balci received her BSc from Istanbul University, BFA from West Virginia University and MFA from University of Maryland.

The Open Gallery at the Cafritz Foundation Arts Center at Montgomery College is located at 930 King Street, Silver Spring, MD. For more information, visit