Open Studios with VisArts’ Inaugural Art and Social Justice Fellow, Ọmọlará Williams McCallister

By Editorial Team on May 10, 2021
Courtesy of Ọmọlará Williams McCallister.
Weekly Zoom Drop-In: Thursdays, May 13 – June 10, 3pm-7pm


Ọmọlará Williams McCallister (pronouns: o, love, beloved), VisArts’ inaugural Art and Social Justice Fellow, will hold virtual Open Studios from Manchester, New Hampshire’s Currier Museum of Art, where O is the first Artist in the Community artist-in-residence.

O is an artist, educator, organizer, cultural strategist, and conjurer whose work is a call/response blend of sculpture, performance, installation, ritual, space holding, community building, surface design, adornment, word, sound, song, movement, moving images, and photography.

As VisArts’ Art and Social Justice Fellow, O is exploring how thoughtfully curated art, dialogue, communication, and collaborations between artists and communities can productively navigate political flashpoints, chronic systemic inequities, and entrenched perspectives to inspire change toward a more equitable, just, and inclusive society.

Drop in weekly on Zoom, Thursdays, May 13-June 10, 3:00 PM-7:00 PM for a unique opportunity to view O’s current work, learn about O’s practice, and discuss O’s projects with VisArts and the Currier Museum of Art.

On Thursday, May 13 at 5:00 PM, O will discuss O’s role as VisArts’ Art and Social Justice Fellow. Participants will be invited to ask questions and share their thoughts about the purpose and potential of the Fellowship.