Otis Street Arts Project Studio Hosts a Fundraiser for Alma Selimovic’s Project in Berlin

By Editorial Team on March 27, 2017
Photo courtesy of Otis Street Arts Project.
Photo courtesy of Otis Street Arts Project.


Event: Saturday, April 1 from 6pm to 9pm


Alma is going to Berlin for a two-month residency at the INSTITUTE FÜR ALLES MÖGLICHE in Berlin, Germany. The focus of the residency will be to create digital drawings of people from Eastern Europe who are queer, trans and/or gender neutral. Alma’s drawings will be exhibited in Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The final installation, In Transition will be exhibited in the USA and potentially a few other locations.

About the Fundraiser:
This event will feature a presentation by Alma, a screening of a documentary about her activist work in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Queer Sarajevo Festival: Documentary), and an exhibit and silent auction of her sculptural work and smaller works by her sister company RozArt.

All proceeds from the sales will go toward In Transition project. Alma would like to compensate travel and time of all of her models. Other expenses are included, such as the creation of a working team that will assist Alma with logistics, audio translations and photography. This project will geographically span Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia, in order to reach more people.

Alma has initiated a GoFundME campaign
Please visit the page and donate and share it with others.

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