Addison/Ripley Fine Art Presents VOLTAGE

By Editorial Team on January 27, 2016
Two Currents,  2016, oil on canvas, 40 x 60 inches by Trevor Young. Courtesy of Addison/Ripley Fine Art.
Two Currents, 2016, oil on canvas, 40 x 60 inches by Trevor Young. Courtesy of Addison/Ripley Fine Art.


Opening Reception: Saturday, January 30 from 5pm to 7pm


VOLTAGE is the title of Trevor Young’s first exhibition at Addison/Ripley Fine Art. And, while some of the images are, indeed, electrifying, with structures illuminated by concealed light sources, it is the stillness the artist captures best, the potential of places: an airline conveyor belt, empty of luggage, a building under construction or an aerial view of streets emptied of traffic. The works cumulatively ask the question: “has something happened or is something about to happen?” Young transforms predominantly urban landscapes and invests them with a deeply resonant beauty and formalist complexity. His scenes often feature darkening skies and are stripped by clouds, causing the works to appear alternately poised, immense, and serene. The artist balances cultural decay with new fabrication in this collection of mature, finely observed and arresting work.

The enigmatic spaces in this collection of more than 25 large and small scale works are informed by painters whom the artist studies as carefully as he builds his luminous surfaces. On a paint-stained work table, well used monographs by Caspar Wolf, Frederick Church, Yoshida Hiroshi and Thomas Eakins attest to Young’s quest to hone his craft by careful study of diverse influences.

Signature to this work is the rich, upper atmosphere dark blue into black sky, a nod to Vermeer, and the artificial illumination of neon and halogen, memories of Hopper. Humble constructs take on a timeless quality. Gas pumps, oil storage tanks, the grid of city lights seen from an airplane, fish tanks, billboards, buildings under construction and highway interchanges make up Young’s current vocabulary. The artist makes comfortable transitions in scale from easel sized paintings to monumental ones.

The space will display a unique series by Young, featuring a sound installation by Alberto Gaitan.

Gallery Hours:

  • Thursday through Saturday: 11 to 5:30pm
  • and by appointment

Addison/Ripley Fine Art is located at 1670 Wisconsin Ave. NW.