October 2023 Exhibitions at Touchstone Gallery

By Editorial Team on October 3, 2023

Thu, October 5 2023 — Sun, October 29 2023

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 14 from 4-7pm
Courtesy of Touchstone Gallery and Debra Perkins

Debra Perkins’ Lines Matter: The Stories They Tell features paintings inspired by the importance of critical social justice issues. Perkins employs lines as instruments to craft and convey her subject matter. “Jean-Michel Basquiat’s quote that ‘every single line means something’ captures the importance of lines in my paintings,” says Perkins. “Every line, be it straight or curved, thick or thin, pristine or textured, is integral to visual storytelling or evoking an emotion. Lines create or traverse boundaries, overlay entrenched perspectives, and forge paths to follow.” She adds color and texture to highlight the variety of societal challenges faced and the many ways to tackle them—metaphorically revealing the opportunity to make positive changes.


Courtesy of Touchstone Gallery and Dana Brotman

Dana Brotman’s unleaving (to hold in mind what is and what was) takes its title from Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poem, Spring and Fall. Unleaving refers to the trees losing their leaves in autumn but also to the passage of time and loss. For Brotman, the word “unleaving” is packed with meaning. Taken literally, it is the opposite of loss. It is a transformation of loss into something else, something new. Brotman’s unleaving juxtaposes her traditional use of real and imagined faces with a variety of objects: used-up notepads, old tabletops, discarded paintings, tree limbs populated with dried up lichen, and more.


Touchstone Gallery is located at 901 New York Ave NW.