Touchstone Gallery | People and The Planet

By Editorial Team on July 31, 2023

Wed, August 2 2023 — Sun, August 27 2023

Elena Niermann, Heartache
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 5 from 4-7pm

People and The Planet is a juried exhibition that invited artists to think about our world and the humanity within it—how humans interact with the earth and all of its inhabitants. Artists were encouraged to submit pieces that explore: environmental & social issues, human interactions with nature, travel, climate change, natural materials & resources, population & development, Indigenous perspectives, changing landscapes, connections to the land, new discoveries, and more.

Participating Artists: Adrian Hatfield, Amy K. Wendland, Ann McCray, Anne Garretson, Anne Stine, Anne-Katrin Speiss, Brandin Barón, Brianne Anderson, Camille Kouyoumdjian, Carrie and Eric Tomberlin, Catherine Shelton Jones, Catherine Toulsaly, Cathy Wilkin, Ceci Cole McInturff, Chloe Gagin, Cindy Lemmon, Connor Czora, Daniel Horowitz, Deborah Rhode, Debra Perkins, Donna Coleman, Doug Billings, Elena Niermann, Emberly Zellars, Emily Loughlin, Emon Surakitkoson, Gale Wallar, George Lorio, Haley McKey, Heather McMordie & Edward Landa, Hui Tian, Jack Straton, Jennifer Newberry, Jeri Hillis, Jessy DeSantis, Jim Resnick, Judith Peck, Julia Dzikiewicz, Julia Paul, K. C. Bailey, Karen Joy, Kathy Smith, Kendra Shedenhelm, Kevin R. Frech, Laura Thompson, Laurie Hoen, Lenore Solmo, Lesley Clarke, Mallory Kimmel, Marcel Artes Deolazo, Maria A. Brito, Maria Coletsis, Marsha Biderman, Mary . Noosh, Matt McEntee, Mia Cinelli, Michael White, Nafia Syeed, Neha Misra नेहा मिश्रा, Nicole Cooper, Nilou Moochhala, Nitashia Johnson, Peter Towson, Rachel Ivanyi, Raymond Bonavida, Robert Arbogast, Robert S. Hunter, Rosemary A Luckett, Sally JK Davies, Samantha Van Heest, Sarah Smith, Sheila Gotti, Shelby Prindaville, Shirley Nannini, Solarpunk Surf Club, Star Padilla, Sufie Berger, Susan Brandt, Susan Finer, Taina Litwak, Tanya Piatz, Toxic/Nature Studios, and Yuko Mizobuchi.

People and The Planet was juried by:

  • Karine Aigner, International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) Associate Fellow, 2022 Wildlife Photographer of the Year
  • Alan C. Braddock, Professor of Art History at William & Mary; co-curator of Nature’s Nation: American Art and Environment
  • Tarah Hogue, Curator of Indigenous Contemporary Art at Remai Modern, Métis Nation citizen
  • Robert Yi, Assistant Director of the School of Art & Interim Director of Painting and Drawing at George Mason University

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