Portico Gallery and Studios Presents Pat Goslee Out of Season

By Editorial Team on January 31, 2022

Sat, January 29 2022 — Sat, March 19 2022

Pat Goslee, Camouflage, 2021, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 48 inches.
Artist Reception: Saturday, February 26, 2022

(Masks inside the gallery and proof of vaccinations are required to attend the reception)

Out of Season is a solo exhibition of paintings by DC based artist Pat Goslee. For Pat, painting is a way to deal with the chaos of the world. She creates lush layers of patterns that speak to nature and the effects of global warming. Bits of figurative elements can often be seen that are in a state of entropic evolution; that is, they are falling apart while attempting to reorganize. In this chaotic time of death, grief and change, she paints topographies inhabited in our energetic bodies.

The artist writes: “Painting, an act that lies between a noun and a verb, is a silent form of communication. It is an arena of dreams with the power to create alternatives to the destructive currents of public discourse. These paintings are visual barometers, registering what might be called evolutionary entropy. They reference spiritual mythologies, the mysteries of Mother Nature and the blooming of hope out of season.”

The exhibition includes acrylic paintings that range from 8 x10 inches to 48 x 48 inches. Although they hint to the pleasure of an upcoming spring, they are layered with inspiration and meaning.

Free and open to the public. Masks required inside the gallery. Street Parking only.

Gallery Hours 

  • Saturday: 12-3pm
  • and by appointment 202-487-8458

(Masks are required inside the gallery)

Portico Gallery is located at 3807 Rhode Island Ave, Brentwood, MD.