Morton Fine Art | Prina Shah The Unseen

By Editorial Team on March 25, 2024

Wed, March 20 2024 — Wed, April 17 2024

Prina Shah, I See, 2023, 43″x43″, acrylic on canvas

Morton Fine Art is pleased to announce The Unseen, a solo exhibition of painting and works on paper by Nairobi-based visual artist Prina Shah. Underpinned by a practice of internal reflection and meditation, Shah’s works revolve around a constellation of influences and techniques. Reflecting on the lasting effects of political, social and economic instability and her own personal experience of being raised across cultures, Shah limns the inward path of art towards healing and transformation. Formed of concentrate rings (of paint, ink, graphite and found material), which Shah exactingly builds layer by layer, the resulting circular works resemble a disc, a portal, an aperture. Inspiration and outcomes often mirror one another in Shah’s practice: products of attention, they request yours; the result of meditation, they encourage deep-focused engagement.

The artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery and first solo exhibition in the United States, The Unseen, will be on view from March 20 – April 17, 2024 at Morton Fine Art’s Washington, D.C. space (52 O St NW #302).