Prince George’s African American Museum and Cultural Center Presents Soul Illuminance: A Retrospective of Quest Skinner

By Editorial Team on February 4, 2019

Wed, 06 February 2019 - Sun, 03 March 2019

Courtesy of PGAAMCC.
Opening: Wednesday, February 6 from 6pm to 9pm


The Prince George’s African American Museum and Cultural Center (PGAAMCC) is proud to announce the exhibition opening of Soul Illuminance: A Retrospective of Quest Skinner Wednesday, February, 6, 6-9pm. Join us and experience the dreamscapes, divine feminine representation, alchemy and abstraction that is Quest Skinner’s work.

Enter the surrealist dreamscape of lush textures and inner visions of internationally acclaimed artist, Quest Skinner. As a DC based artist, her influences range from the energy of cityscapes, music and people she encounters every day to the Burning Man festival, indigenous culture and the divine feminine. Her studio practice involves alchemy, taking raw feelings, vibrations and moments in our lives to transmute and reincarnate them with resin, paint, collage, sculpture and over 30 other mediums she works in. Quest’s artwork is a mixed media tapestry of flowing pigment and vibrant color, which tells a story that demands to be seen, changing with every person who sees her work. ‘Art is the poor man’s bar of gold… We are here to create and be creatives and creators.’ Quest Skinner

Quest has spent years selling her art at Eastern Market in Downtown DC. She takes pride in selling original art work and her clients always walk away with a one of a kind original, rather than manufactured prints. As a result, every year, she changes her style to reflect one year of experiences, creating 50 to 150 pieces per week, and selling nearly half of what she produced per weekend at Eastern Market. She continues to evolve with her work, and the art in our galleries are an extension of Quest Skinner’s 2018 collection.

Quest’s goal is to paint reflections of fierce, fancy, and unapologetic femininity. ‘Men are not our beasts of burden, and we should not treat them as such’. Her depictions seek to challenge the societal norms that suggest that men and women have equal footing in relationships, the workplace, and within their own identities. This idea is manifested with images of warrior women slaying dragons, ballerinas and dancers striking a pose, and intricate body busts of the male and female anatomy. In addition, the dirty pour style creates lush abstract art that can be interpreted and viewed dynamically in a reading of the ink blots.

Curated by PGAAMCC Executive Director Monica Montgomery, the exhibition creates conversations between historical and contemporary artists of diverse cultural backgrounds exploring a broad range of themes including the body, identity, materiality, and private versus public selves.

PGAAMCC is located at 4519 Rhode Island Avenue North Brentwood, MD.