Stephanie Syjuco, The Visible Invisible: Colonial Revolution (McCall's), 2018, cotton muslin chromakey backdrop fabric, polyester satin, crocheted cotton, ribbon, lace, buttons and display form, Collection of the artist. Photo by Jin Zhu. © Stephanie Syjuco. Image courtesy the artist Dustin Farnsworth, XLIII, 2016, poplar, reclaimed wood, chair, pencil, and various polychrome, Collection of Sandy Berlin. Photo by Ben Premeaux Tanya Aguiñiga, Hand-Felted Folding Chairs, 2006–present, hand-felted metal folding chairs, Collection of the artist. Image courtesy Tanya Aguiñiga Studio Sharif Bey, StarChild Series #1, 2017, earthenware, mixed media, and nails, Collection of the artist. Photo by Nathan J. Shaulis/Porter Loves Creative