Rhizome DC Presents Esteban Locoma Mixed Reality

By Editorial Team on June 7, 2021
Courtesy of Rhizome DC.
Currently on view through June 13, 2021.

Rhizome DC is hosting the first DC-area interactive installation by Venezuelan multimedia artist Esteban Locoma. The installation is entitled “Mixed Reality” and includes paintings and interactive digital projections. This exhibit contains flashing lights.

The exhibition is open by appointment, masks required, at RhizomeDC (6950 Maple St. NW), from now until June 13. Additional walk-in open hours as follows:

  • Saturday June 12, 2-4pm
  • Sunday June 13, 2-4pm

Artist Statement:
What’s interesting about this framework is that it encompasses both real and virtual elements and so allows the possibility of generating and analyzing environments in which the physical and digital worlds cohabit and interact in real-time.

This combination may certainly involve overlaying real and virtual environments, but may also involve other spatial relationships, such as making them adjacent so that participants can look or even pass from one state to another. A more rhizomatic model would allow for these worlds to be overlaid or juxtaposed rather than opposed to one another.

Computers will become invisible and will be part of us in some way. They are already interconnected in a ubiquitous network. By these days people use computers unconsciously to accomplish everyday tasks.

Mixed reality adopts hybrid forms that combine the real and the virtual world.

Rhizome DC is located at 6950 Maple Street NW.