Rhizome DC Presents Jeff Carey: Gain Reflector

By Editorial Team on March 15, 2022

Sun, 13 March 2022 - Thu, 31 March 2022

Courtesy of Rhizome DC.

Rhizome DC announces a new exhibition of sculptures by Jeff Carey: Gain Reflector. On view thru March 31 * open during all events, or email info@rhizomedc.org to make an appointment.

Jeff Carey is an electro-instrumental synthetic noise musician, composer and improvisor.  His music is abstract and sculptural, full of shapes and gesture, colored by noise bursts, percussive glitches and shifting resonance that is structurally elastic and mobile while working to embody computer generated sound with physical control.

Recently, he has turned his attention to *actual* sculpture presenting chaotic aluminum castings in concrete as an examination of constrained randomness in physical form.

“After years of observing the amount of trash and recycling I generate, I began to look for a resource – a potentially limitless supply of paper from junk mail… what can be done with this cardboard, aluminum foil, cans and glass?”

“Gain Reflector” is the first successful series of concrete and aluminum castings.  Made from reclaimed aluminum, chaotic castings are paired with geometric pedestals or set in a base of concrete.

Concrete contact mics, tetrahedron, tratrapods, chaotic aluminum castings and a Jeff Carey CD single “Columns” with 4 piece sculpture are on display in Rhizome’s upstairs gallery.


Rhizome DC is located at 6950 Maple St. NW.