RoFa Projects | Francisca Rojas Dual reflections: Marching Women

By East City Art Editorial Team on May 20, 2024

Sat, May 4 2024 — Sat, June 29 2024

Francisca Rojas
Chakana Drone III, 2023
Glazed high temperature ceramic and backlit digital
11.8 x 11.8 x 4.7 inches

The creative processes of Francisca Rojas (Chile, 1985) are proudly displayed in the exhibition Dual Reflections: Marching Women and begin from a critical reflection on collective memory, the symbols of social justice, the territory and its productive matrix, understanding these notions as bearers of a gesture from which it is possible to build a place of enunciation for subaltern art, that is, for that which is produced outside the great international centers.

Francisca exalts, with her technique and aesthetics, the subordination and struggle of women marchers, of women activists. By using black ceramics she alludes to the production of typical ceramics from the central-southern area of ​​Chile, particularly Quinchamalí, whose material base proposes a questioning of the distinctions between art and crafts. A powerful female army of potter artists who intertwine local crafts, colonial religious iconography and contemporary popular imagination.

Dual Reflections: Marching Women weave a complex living tapestry of ceramics, quipus, “guitarreras”, tassels and characters that give voice to various forces in balance in life, poetry, art and native cultures. Physical or imaginary quipus knotted by women’s hands with a decolonized posture in art and life.

10008 Hemswell Ln. Potomac, MD
By appointment only

Gabriela Rosso, RoFa Projects Director