Schlesinger Arts Center’s Forum Gallery Presents Naomi Christianson Space Fashion

By Editorial Team on November 14, 2017

Sat, 11 November 2017 - Mon, 15 January 2018

Naomi Christianson; Between Heart Beats; 40″x 60″x 1.5″; acrylic on canvas. Courtesy of Forum Gallery.
Currently on view through January 15, 2017.

Regional artist Naomi Christianson will exhibit her vibrant artwork in the upcoming show Space Fashion which will be on display from Nov. 10, 2017 to Jan. 15, 2018 in the Forum Gallery of the Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall and Arts Center.

After many years of living the corporate life in Australia, Christianson started to have dreams that encouraged her to make a change in her life. Soon after, she left her job, moved back to the U.S., adopted a sustainable lifestyle and started a community art space. Christianson explains that her work often creates and captures universal truths, and her work emerges from the belief system influenced by her previous dreams and spiritual messages that say all of the universe is conspiring on her behalf.

“I create art that reveals my own internal journey while creating universal truths and bliss out of the raw materials of color, emotion and physical experience. My art emerges from a belief system received in these messages, in which all of the universe is conspiring on my behalf: apparent coincidences, painful life events, the availability of experiences, opportunities and supplies all make themselves available to me in order to sustain a new value system and expression,” she said. “With the intimacy of a journal and the scope of myth, my work combines intense colors, fractured patterns and images to communicate to the viewer a pursuit of positivity, the criticality of intuitive knowledge, the celebratory power and strength of the feminine form and being and a joyful acceptance of the journey life puts in front of me.”

Christianson grew up in a riverside cabin in the midst of nature and surround by friends and family. In previous years, she has shown her work in various solo and group exhibitions all over the D.C. metropolitan area, New York City, Prague and London. Christianson owns and operate OMI Collective leggings and Art Lounge. She has also received the Director’s Choice Award for the Viridian Artists, Inc. 27th International Juried Exhibition.

Gallery Hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 10am to 4pm

The Forum Gallery is located  is located at 4915 E. Campus Drive, Alexandria, VA. For additional information about art shows and concert hall events, call the Schlesinger Center at 703.845.6156.