Schlesinger Center’s Forum Gallery Presents Saya Behnam Capturing the Vibrant, Transient and Eternal NOW

By Editorial Team on September 19, 2018

Sat, 22 September 2018 - Sun, 04 November 2018

Saya Behnam, Moroccan blues, H: 40in x W: 50in D: 2in, Different blue stones from Morocco, lime, ink and mica on cotton. Courtesy of the Schlesinger Galleries.
Reception: Saturday, September 22 from 2pm to 4pm

The Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall and Arts Center at Northern Virginia Community College’s Alexandria Campus is excited present a solo exhibition of paintings by Saya Behnam, Capturing the Vibrant, Transient and Eternal Now in the Forum. The exhibition runs from September 14th through November 4th, 2018 with a public reception for the artist on September 22nd 2-4PM.

This series of paintings by Saya use colors that she extracted from plants, flowers spices as well as stones and minerals found in nature. The colors combined with the surface of silk create a vibrant image that reflects her response to nature and her experience.

“Flowers & spices create varying shades of color, often entirely out of my artistic control, based on how they absorb water and interact with the texture of the medium. There is no certainty in the shade or hue I get.”

“I believe humankind has always sought some form of permanence, while at the same time being keenly aware that all of life is impermanent and nothing is fixed. Ever changing, ever evolving into new forms, all of nature flows through its rhythms of change.”

Sayeh “Saya” Behnam was born in Tehran-Iran and moved to the USA, fleeing from war and revolution. Living on three continents helped her to view life from different perspective. Coming from the Middle East, an area with so much turmoil, had a deep impact in her view in life.

Her art is not political, but she deals with the core concept of the human being and nature. She is very active in the social and humanitarian art space, working with NGO’s in the Middle East and the USA, especially with street children. She currently lives in Northern Virginia, part of the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Gallery Hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 10am to 4pm

The Forum Gallery is located  is located at 4915 E. Campus Drive, Alexandria, VA. For additional information about art shows and concert hall events, call the Schlesinger Center at 703.845.6156.