SENSE Gallery Presents Lee Nowell-Wilson and Madeline A. Stratton Where We Find It

By Editorial Team on July 30, 2019

Sat, 03 August 2019 - Sun, 01 September 2019

Work by Lee Nowell-Wilson. Courtesy of SENSE Gallery.
Opening: Saturday, August 3 from 7pm to 9pm

Curated by Mandy Cooper.

Where We Find It, features work by DMV artists, Lee Nowell-Wilson and Madeline A. Stratton, and focuses on actions, memories, and labor in domestic spaces. Stratton’s work looks at a time and place we can’t return to, while Nowell-Wilson’s wrestles with how the domestic space and it’s roles actively mold us.

In Stratton’s work, tessellation-shaped panels with stretched fabric, and painted wood resemble rooms made up of strange puzzle pieces. The walls slant in and out coming from multiple vantage points, while bright color and pattern give a specificity of memory. Cut outs in the wood reveal objects of daily ritual both contained and memorialized.

Nowell-Wilson’s work utilizes domestic objects as well as her own body as metaphors for expressing physical stretching, overload, anxiety, exhaustion, and other emotional undertones of motherhood. The large charcoal and graphite drawings are beautifully and tightly rendered, with delicate lines and soft realism. Piles of laundry become both waves you could drown in, and masks that bring in humor and speak to the “ironic opposites” often encountered in the daily tasks and exertion around mothering.

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