Sense Studios Presents Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann and Janelle Whisenant Strata

By Editorial Team on July 9, 2019
Work by Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann. Courtesy of Sense Studios.
Reception: Saturday, June 13 from 7pm to 9pm

The Earth’s stratum is formed by layers of unplanned circumstances, and volatile events. As these layers become exposed, we begin to see specific information, and materials that paint a rich and complex history.

Similarly, a painting can be created over a period of time, and in a different frame of mind upon each approach. Specific materials used can express different voices or pieces of its history. The act of building the work with layers can cover and uncover bits of information. These fragments, reductions and additions communicate an authentic and beautiful balance of uninhibited gesture and artistic intent. – Mandy Cooper, Curator