September 2019 Exhibitions at Touchstone Gallery

By Editorial Team on September 11, 2019

Fri, 13 September 2019 - Sat, 28 September 2019

Courtesy of Touchstone Gallery.
Opening: Friday, September 13 from 6pm to 8:30pm

Touchstone Member Artists Group Show
Spotlight Art Series@Touchstone Guest Artist “Minimal Surfaces” by Davide Prete
Davide Prete’s work has focused on new technologies such as 3D printing and laser scanning combined with traditional metalsmithing techniques. For his latest projects, mathematical equations (especially Scherk Collins surfaces) provide him with a pretext to connect figurative images with a new language, to discover what he called “a new forms of shamanism.”

Prete was born in Treviso, Italy, and introduced to the art of metalsmithing by his father Alessandro and by the sculptor Toni Benetton. He studied jewelry and metalsmithing at the Institute of Art in Venice and, in 2003, obtained a degree in architecture. Prete worked as an architect for several Italian architectural firms, especially with Toni Follina. After meeting his wife in Zimbabwe, he moved to the United States. In 2010 he earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from Fontbonne University, Saint Louis, where he studied under the guidance of Hank Knickmeyer and developed a personal sculptural process, mixing traditional metal casting and new technologies such as 3D printing and laser scanning. He moved to Washington, DC and started working as a professor of fine art later that year and is an assistant professor at the University of the District of Columbia and a professorial lecturer at George Washington University Corcoran School of Art & Design.

Prete’s work has been shown in both national and international venues (Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, England, France and the USA). His latest public work “Freedom to Read” has been installed in August at the Capitol View Library in Washington DC.

Please visit artist’s website at to learn more about his work.

“Luscious Landscapes” by Linda Bankerd
Bankerd, an avid cyclist, spends hours at a time ensconced in the landscape, observing, becoming a part of, making her way through and around. It is both mesmerizing, thought provoking and physically demanding. The ever present green during the summer, the nascent buds and leaves of Spring, the riot of oranges, yellows and reds of Fall, the grays in the Northeast during Winter or the desert browns and tans of the Southwest. All after time become monotonous and repetitive.

There is no doubt that these thousands of miles significantly influence Bankerd’s conceptions on canvas; but the ordinary sameness has been changed. These imaginary landscapes may have been inspired by the mundane but now appear as semi abstract paintings; they are indeed landscapes but very different from the scenes that we pass through while cycling, hiking or driving.

Perspectives are unreal. Colors are lush and bold, not at all realistic. Find boats, fanciful trees, mountains, ploughed fields, earth, rivers, ponds, skies, harbors, roads, signs, lakes, woods and suns, all part of the ordinary seen from a new perspective, both joyful and bountiful.

“World of Color, My Way” by Colleen Sabo
Colleen Sabo has found living on the Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay the ideal place to paint…much of her work being colorful landscapes observed in nature. She searches for the perfect combination of colors…ways to emphasize her love of color through many different subjects.

The viewer can observe nature and real-life situations in ways that are new and inviting. Colleen’s oil and watercolor paintings reflect what she sees when traveling… to Europe, Australia and New Zealand and Africa, to Maine each autumn, and at home, observing the constant change of weather patterns and nature high above the Chesapeake.

Sabo seeks to paint images as they have never before been seen, with variations of color and abstraction, looking at the subject with new ideas and eyes.

Sabo is a member of Touchstone Gallery, Washington, D.C.; and she is an elected member of both the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, and of The Allied Artists of America both in New York, NY.

Her work can be viewed online at, and she can be contacted directly at

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