September Openings at Touchstone

By East City Art Editorial Team on September 5, 2017

Fri, September 8 2017 — Sun, October 1 2017

The Thinker by Patricia Williams. Courtesy of Touchstone Gallery.
Opening Reception: Friday, September 8 from 6pm to 8:30pm

Meet the Artists and See them at Work: Saturday, September 23 from 1pm to 4pm

About Face: Reversals and Undoings
Touchstone member artists explore reversal in all its manifestations: turn-around, complete changes in position, attitude or point of view, or just undoing something. Artists may question society’s images of women, create portraits, or play with their medium by mirroring shapes and colors or turning them around to make new and unusual compositions. Clay, hand-pulled prints, paintings, sculpture, collage, drawing and photography works are represented in this unusually installed exhibit.

The Thinker by Patricia Williams. Courtesy of Touchstone Gallery.

Ordered Complexities by Patricia Williams
In 2015, a lively discussion of Pi Day (March 14, based on π’s value of 3.141592…) inspired Patricia Williams to paint a π pie. This led to a series of works that seek to translate mathematical and scientific principles into paintings that express the essence of a concept. Whimsical and colorful, the paintings integrate the artist’s lifelong fascination with science, math and creativity in all its forms.

“Both science and art have to do with ordered complexity.” – L. L. Whyte, 1957

“Creativity is one of the most basic traits of humanity, but we articulate it in different ways, depending on our inclinations and abilities,” Ms. Williams says. “I hope that art people will gain a little appreciation for math and science and that math and science folks will enjoy seeing their subject matter portrayed as a different kind of art.”

The paintings are comprised of layers of transparent watercolor and watercolor pencil or water-soluble graphite on Multimedia ArtboardTM, a rigid paper substrate. In some paintings, intense colors and murky darks all but obliterate the underlying text. In others, wispy lines of water-soluble graphite are punctuated with jolts of color. The paintings are driven by content, but content is secondary to the interplay of color and form.

A native of North Carolina, Ms. Williams graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in engineering. She took up painting in mid-life after starting a second career in communications. She now divides her time between Falls Church and Albemarle County in Virginia. Ms. Williams had great fun creating these paintings because they allowed her to integrate the various aspects of her life experiences.

This is the artist’s second solo show at Touchstone Gallery. Her work has also been shown by 311 Gallery in Raleigh, NC; the Firnew Farm Artists Circle in Madison, VA; The Art League and the Central Virginia Watercolor Guild among others.

Rachel, 10” x 20”, by Timothy Johnson. Courtesy of Touchstone Gallery.

Physiognomy by Tim Johnson
Narrative formed the basis of Washington DC artist Timothy Johnson’s previous exhibits at Touchstone Gallery, It’s Greek to Me (2013) and Two if I See (2015); but with Physiognomy, his new exhibit at Touchstone showing from August 30 through October 1, narrative is tossed in favor of spirit and whimsy.

No theme is evident in this collection of small canvas portraits, but one feature ties Physiognomy together: Johnson has painted subtle cues reminiscent of artists and art movements from times past in some of his portrait settings. There is nothing grand or overwhelming; rather mere blushes of history to highlight the striking portraiture.

Those who know Johnson’s work will once again see his family and friends as portrait subjects. What they won’t see this time is a storyline. Physiognomy is simply about being playful, witty and painting for the pure pleasure of it.

Gallery Hours:

  • Wednesday – Friday: 11pm to 6pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 12pm to 5pm

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